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AGAP Commerical Services

The reason you are here is there is a divide between where you are and where you want to be and when that space can be bridged by funding.... we call it the A-GAP.

Welcome to AGAP Commercial Services, where the monetary needs of your business are met through flexible financing solutions. It’s no secret that getting capital can be difficult. Low credit scores, cash flow problems, and a lack of collateral can prevent business owners from getting the funds and financing they need to succeed. That is where AGAP comes in.

Lending Options

Fast Business Funding Made Simple

Small Business Loans

Need fast cash for your company? AGAP Commercial Services offers small business loans online to companies just like yours,

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Commercial Funding

Whether you are financing a capital equipment purchase, technology refresh program, or an expansion initiative, you need a commercial funding company.

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Commercial Real Estate Funding

Building out your business location is a smart way to increase your assets. Every renovation, upgrade, or expansion adds value to your property.

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Franchise Financing

Looking for a quick and easy way to get growth capital for your franchise? Look no further than AGAP Commercial Services.

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Equipment Financing

AGAP Commercial Services provides a broad range of cost effective and flexible equipment financing programs for the purchase of new or used industrial, business, or manufacturing equipment.

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Merchant Cash Advance Loans

Does your business need access to capital right away? A merchant cash advance is an excellent solution if credit cards and debit cards are your main sources of revenue.

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Business Line of Credit

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to access up to $250,000 of short-term financing for your company? A business line of credit from AGAP Commercial Services is an excellent option.

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Unsecured Personal Finance

A personal loan from AGAP Commercial Funding can help you take control of your finances. From debt consolidation to home improvements to vacations, you can plan for both the expected and unexpected.

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