Commercial Real Estate Funding

Commercial Real Estate Funding

Buy, Build, Expand, Remodel or even Refinance

Building out your business location is a smart way to increase your assets. Every renovation, upgrade, or expansion adds value to your property, gives you the space you need to streamline operations, or attracts more customers. Commercial real estate funding can help you do all of this, and more. Remember, there's more at stake than square footage. Making a smart financing move could help you build a firmer foundation for your business - both literally and fiscally

Commercial Real Estate Funding Options For Just About Any Property Need

Commercial real estate funding options can be incredibly flexible. Whether you’re new to the entrepreneurial life and purchasing your first location or using your commercial mortgage to add a second location or upgrade, AGAP has got you covered. 

Here's everything you can use a commercial real estate funding for:

  • Buy - Leverage financing to buy the business location of your dreams.

  • Build - Having trouble finding the perfect space? Build one! A commercial mortgage can cover all your buildout costs.

  • Expand - Your location needs to grow as your business does. Adding more square footage when you've outgrown your current space is easier than ever with a commercial mortgage.

  • Remodel - Add a fresh look to your space by renovating an older or outdated location to attract more customers. This works wonders for restaurants and retailers.

  • Refinance - Extend your payment term and adjust your interest rate by refinancing with a commercial mortgage.